Scalp micropigmentation (SMP), also known as hair micropigmentation, is a type of paramedical micropigmentation procedure that replicates the look of small hair follicles through the use of pigments. Small dots of pigment are injected into the scalp to recreate the look of hair. For men experiencing baldness, SMP resembles a short shaved hairstyle. For women and men, the procedure answers thinning issues by lessening the colour contrast of the scalp and the hair, making the hair look fuller.


Scalp micropigmentation is a helpful solution for a variety of hair problems, including those suffering from alopecia. Alopecia is characterized by patchy hair loss. SMP helps to mask those bald spots, creating the look of a full head of hair. Also, for men and women struggling to cover up their receding hairline, the procedure helps to create a more defined hairline. With that said, SMP may not be enough to mask big bald spots.
Aside from hair loss, scalp micropigmentation is suitable for people who have scars on their scalp that they’d like to conceal. A scar due to head trauma or a previous neurosurgical procedure can be camouflaged by SMP pigments. Even other hair loss treatments like hair transplant result in scarring, and hair micropigmentation helps to hide them with the use of pigments.


  • Hair Micropigmentation achieves the look of real hair, but it does not achieve the texture that hair has.
  • Make sure your scalp is clean (no hair products)  before the procedure as it affects the result of the pigments. 
  • Avoid swimming, taking hot baths, sweating, or exposing your scalp to direct sunlight as it causes fading of the pigment colour.


Q: How long does it normally take?

A: A session of hair micropigmentation typically runs around 2-5 hours, depending on the degree of hair loss or scarring. It also usually takes 2-4 sessions to achieve the full desired result. Each session should be 3 to 4 weeks apart.

Q: How long will it last?

A: Hair micropigmentation is a semi-permanent hair loss treatment. With that said, results can last up to 3-6 years, with proper maintenance. Unlike tattoo inks, SMP pigments do not change colour, though they may fade over the years. The colour can be restored through touch-up sessions.

Q: Is it painful?

A: All clients will need to apply numbing cream for 30 mins before the treatment. It depends on your pain tolerance. Generally, clients experience minimal discomfort during the procedure. SMP is consistently less painful than traditional tattoos. You may experience a bit of swelling or discomfort immediately after the session, though it eventually subsides.


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